About the company

Mech Masz zdjęcie budynku

The Mech Masz Habdas Company has been operating on the Polish market since 1987.

Our experience in steel-working and plastics processing allows us to furnish ready-made components to businesses from various industrial branches, in compliance with the presented technical documentation.

The finished products manufactured in our plant have a wide range of applications including: mechanical engineering, robotization of industrial systems, the automotive industry, conveyor systems, fulfilment of unusual orders, controller-equipped pneumatic machinery, refurbishment of installations and many other technical fields.

With our many years of experience in various industry sectors, we strive to provide optimum solutions to your problems and queries. We use semi-finished products to design and manufacture complete subassemblies tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. We offer to select an appropriate material and method of manufacture to suit your needs thanks to our modern machinery stock and manufacturing technology based on CNC digital machines and CAD/CAM software. Such method of operation allows us to produce very short batches as well as undertake contracts for the manufacture of serial components made of steel and plastics.

Prompt and timely fulfilment of orders, competitive prices and payment conditions, the possibility of unusual order processing and the quality of our services are among the many assets that help us win our customers’ confidence and loyalty. We hope that our offer will be of interest to you and contribute to the emergence of a long-standing cooperation based on partner relations.